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“Carmel O’Neill is the founder of Renew Spa in New York, and she takes a slightly different approach to anti-aging. With her undeniable skill and “Magic Machine” in tow, Carmel has the power to make anyone feel more beautiful, radiant, and youthful than ever before. Her spa offers the whole package; not only does she spoil you with a luxurious, pain-free experience, but her methods are also unquestionably effective. One of her most popular procedures is the microcurrent massage, a natural face-lifting procedure. By using your own body’s electrical currents, it is compatible with the skin, lifting, toning and tightening your face towards its desired complexion. The procedure also increases the oxygen circulation in the face.

Microcurrent is amongst the hottest non-invasive anti-aging technology available. Bottom line, my clients need technology that performs, and performs well; microcurrent delivers,” she tells us.

Carmel’s services are not limited to mature women, however. People as young as twenty come seeking her magical touch to rid of acne or smooth their appearance.”

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MINDBODYGREEN: A French Girl’s Natural Beauty Rules For Fall


Now that the weather is changing, I also start taking cures of vitamins and probiotics. The wonderful Carmel at Renew Spa just recommended to me vitamin D3 and probiotics from Kimberly Snyder. Of course, over time I can go to see her to get my microcurrent treatment! And now that the days are colder, I will buy some of my favorite French pharmacy products. Homeoplasmine is a must! This Vaseline-like cream is ideal for dry lips. I also swear by Avène Cicalfate, which will remove any redness or skin irritation.

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THE NEW YORK TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE: A Parisian Editor’s Best Natural Beauty Advice for Spring

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.33.08 PMIn an interview with the New York Times, our friend and client Clémence von Mueffling mentioned The Renew Spa when asked about how she recharges her skin: “I see Carmel at the Renew Spa; she does like a light micro-current to tone the skin that’s great for firmness. After you do two or three treatments, you see the results, and then depending on your age, you don’t have to do it so often. When my mother comes to New York, she will see her once or twice a week but I only see her once a month.”

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Beauty and Well BeingCarmel From Renew Spa


CHARLOTTE SARKOZY When did your career in beauty begin?

CARMEL O’NEILL Twenty years ago, I started working with an anti-aging doctor, it lasted ten years, then I worked with several dermatologists and attended the Atelier Esthétique school. I opened The Renew Spa in 2004

CS What is your most popular face treatment?

CO  The microcurrent massage, a natural face-lifting procedure. It uses our own body electrical currents. It lifts, tones, tightens the skin, increases the level of oxygen circulation in the face.

CS Please can you describe a session?

CO After cleaning your face, I apply some gel to facilitate the transmission of electricity from the machine (“The Miracle Machine”) to the skin. There are four different kinds of waves of current. I can increase the intensity of the current depending on your resistance. The current is transmitted through a diffuser that looks like a fork. I work 30 minutes on each side of the face.

CS Is it painful?

CO Not at all, quite the opposite, some clients fall asleep during the session!

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