About Renew

At Renew Spa, we are constantly growing, learning, and welcoming new clients.

It all began with two Irish girls and longtime friends, Carmel and Mary, who opened up a spa together in a tranquil brownstone on the Upper East Side in 2004. They founded Renew Anti-Aging Center with a treatment philosophy based on preparing, repairing and maintaining the skin so it looks and functions at its best. While Renew has evolved and expanded to keep up with the latest developments in skincare, one thing remains the same: each treatment is uniquely and individually tailored to you and your skin.

Renew Spa now exclusively stocks and utilizes Environ Skincare products, as well as ingenious technology and machinery from Neurotris, LightStim, Dermaconcepts, and TriActive. Renew has also welcomed a new member to their team, Ellen L. Greene, so that they can offer more services in facial and body treatments, including massage. Not only can you relax, rejuvenate, and be pampered with luxurious beauty treatments, but also feel confident that you are receiving the latest and most effective innovations in modern skincare.