“I LOVE Renew spa and I adore Carmel. I found her lovely spa by asking Environ to suggest an esthetician in NYC that carried their skincare. I was so lucky they sent me to Renew. Carmel immediately addressed my skin and its needs. The facial left my skin beautiful, bright and clean. She also guided me to the RIGHT products to use and she literally spent another day showing me how to apply each product correctly. She was informative, professional and kind. She even wrote down all the things she wanted me to start doing, like drinking celery juice, advising me to take Omega 3 and a few other sweet and helpful suggestions designed just for me. Carmel also introduced me to the roller, which I now love! She is the best—you will love her and you be so grateful you found her. Her spa is located in a beautiful brownstone on the UES. It’s so quiet and peaceful, exactly what you want after a much needed facial. She is an absolute gem!”

Arleen McCarthy

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Renew.  I am 57 years old and have been coming to Carmel and Mary at Renew for a few years now.  I use Environs products religiously and love Carmel’s facial treatments.  What can I say-Carmel is a wizard – with her treatments and products I feel like the self I was.  My skin had lost its elasticity and it felt like it was aging and sagging.   Since coming to Renew, my face and skin feels and looks healthier and more alive than ever.  I never thought I could feel so good about my face and confident that I will continue to enjoy feeling good about myself as I grow older.  But more, it is an absolute pleasure to come to Renew where Carmel and Mary are so passionate and committed and have created an incredibly energizing and caring environment.  I will always be a Renew client.

Sandra Robinson

“I don’t know how to define EXCELLENCE but I know it when I see it! I am a young vibrant 68 year-old who always made sure to take care of her skin.However, I was not ready for the ‘mature aged look’ that seem to happen overnight. I was incredibly fortunate to be given a Gift Certificate to Renew by a most generous friend. Secretly, I never thought I would be able to use it since a round trip would take me over 6 hours!
But my friend’s skin was so beautiful I had to find out more. Well, I went and not only did I experience the most wonderful facial of my life, I am in utter awe of the permanent results. I have been going every month since and a day doesn’t go by without someone asking what products I use on my skin.

Carmel and Mary are two angels who came to us from Ireland to inspire, motivate and love us toward wholesome clean youthful beauty. Pick up the phone, make an appointment. Give yourself a gift. You’ll be forever grateful. I know I certainly am!”

Jill Wilson
Shelter Island, NY

Mystic, CT

“What a chore it is cleaning out and organizing dusty drawers! Just yesterday, I completed this tedious task. What did I find? Old photographs of my good old self-spanning about twelve twelve years scattered throughout the drawers. The most surprising discovery was that I looked prettier, more radiant and far younger in the more recent photographs than the older photographs. Why I asked! Well, I must give credit to Renew, an anti-aging spa on E.73 St in Manhattan, which I visit monthly. Special kudos goes to Carmel O’Neill, Renew’s magical aesthetician and owner.”

 Esther Kamhi

Carmel and Mary are a refreshingly unpretentious breath of pure nirvana in today’s world of “sell and sell harder.” With each visit, Carmel has customized my treatments. Her MC treatments and facials have done magic for me. I am in my 40’s and my face is looking younger and healthier than it did in my 30’s. MC body treatments have given me my high school derrière back (small and lifted). Visiting Renew is like one of a kind experience thanks to Carmel’s mastery of her craft.
I am not leaving town. Not ever!!


“I came across Renew Spa on Gilt and I am so happy I did! First off, Carmel & Mary are so warm & kind. They truly care about their clients – right from the start. They care more about you feeling good about the treatments then how much money you spend. The spa feels like a relative’s apartment on a lovely street in the UES; clean, welcoming, & not intimidating, I am a 31-year-old female who tries to eat healthy, however, will admit, never exercises. I am, though, at my “wedding weight” but still have 2 “problem” areas. No matter what weight, they will not go away EVER – the love handles and upper outer thigh area. So I decided to sign up for 6 sessions at Renew Spa; after 3 I saw a major difference. My stomach was flatter and my upper legs got slimmer. After 3 more sessions, I am so happy! I have always hated these areas and now they look so much better. I am off to Aruba tomorrow and for the first time; I don’t feel anxious about putting on a bathing suit. I truly would recommend trying the treatments at the Renew Spa. I will definitely be back!”

Amy K. NYC

“Despite eating healthy and working out regularly for years, I still thought my bum had room for improvement. After doing extensive research, I hoped that SX-4000 Pro machine would help me get the results I was looking for. So far I have completed 5 of 10 sessions, and it has been fantastic. I just relax while Carmel and her magic machine go to work. Besides being incredibly sweet and caring, Carmel is highly skilled and changes up the pad placement and depth of current from session to session so my bum doesn’t know what hit it! I am thrilled to say my derriere is perkier than ever and I can’t wait to see my final results.”


“After seeing the amazing changes in the skin of my daughter in law, I gave Carmel a try. At 58 years old, my skin looks better than it did when I was in my thirties! Our treatments change each month depending on my needs. I travel constantly and am in various climates which complicate my complexion, to say the least. And when I really need a boost, Carmel does the manual lymphatic drainage which transports me emotionally and visibly. To put it simply, Carmel is not a luxury but a necessity.”

Debra B. NYC

“Not only does one leave Renew feeling “renewed” “refreshed” and “beautiful”, but I leave with an education provided by Carmel about vitamins and nutrition and wonderful compliments by Mary. An experience not to be missed, but to be enjoyed!”

Geri J

“I ran into a former colleague that I had not seen in years…I could not believe how amazing her skin looked. I thought she had ‘work’ done, but she swore it was her newfound secret…CARMEL! Needless to say, I started going to Carmel and I am now hooked! She knows exactly what my skin needs…every visit is customized. I had been going elsewhere for facials for 20 years, and have NEVER been to someone who spends 2 uninterrupted hours on my face…she is absolutely magical. I have now been going to Carmel for about 4 years and cannot believe the difference…I get compliments on my skin everywhere I go! In addition, Mary is an absolute pleasure to deal with…she has helped me during many an ‘emergency’. I just cannot say enough about these ladies. Just one visit and you will never trust your face to anyone else! “


“The treatments at Renew are a mixed cocktail created just for me to address all my skincare needs, and my skin is glowing” Thank you Renew!!!”