New Year’s Resolution 3: Drink More Water

Posted by on January 2, 2017

This year, we’re taking it upon ourselves to set a few realistic goals that we can actually stick to. After all, what’s the point in setting all these goals and barely seeing them through the month of January?

New Year’s resolution 3: Drink more water, daily.

Drinking plenty of water helps you feel your absolute best but with a daily recommended intake of 2 liters a day, we often fall short of what our bodies truly need.

Drinking water has many benefits including weight loss, preventing headaches, keeping us alert and our personal favorite, keeping our skin clear.

The best way to conquer this resolution and gain all the benefits of drinking water is to find alternative ways to up your daily intake. So, what’s a girl to do?

  1. Drink Coconut water. Coconut water contains many vitamins and minerals which are great for the body, but in addition to that, coconut water is an isotonic liquid. This means its chemical composition is similar to that of blood plasma – it has the exact proportion of electrolytes that human cells have. This makes it extremely hydrating.
  2. Eat fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies tend to have a high water content so introducing more of them into your life will up your water intake. The ones with the highest water content include cucumbers, grapefruit, cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, and spinach.
  3. Carry your water with you. Just having water on your desk in front of you or on your bedside table will prompt you to drink it. It will act as that reminder to drink more because it will constantly be staring at you. If you don’t have one, invest in a water bottle and feel yourself consume more.
  4. Dress it up. If you think water is “boring” then get a little creative with it. Crush up some mint and lemon and throw in a few slices of cucumber – changing the taste will prompt you to drink more.

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