How Carmel Helped This Bride Get Her Wedding Day Glow

I discovered the Environ product line on a Regent Cruise ship while traveling from London to Barcelona in October 2016. I had recently enjoyed a three-week trip to the Philippines,



The Microcurrent Facial: Why Running Electricity Through Your Face Keeps You Looking Younger

“It’s less invasive and it’s more natural looking, to be honest,” Carmel told me as we sat down to discuss the microcurrent treatment. “Some clients might do fillers or botox

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How To Avoid Oily and Sweaty Skin in the Summertime

It’s summer time, you’re hot, and your skin and face are so sweaty you can’t take it. We know the feeling. Here are our super simple tips to avoid oily

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How To Be Safe In The Sun

90% of skin cancers and premature aging are a result of UV exposure!
There’s a harmful misconception that we only need to protect our skin with sunscreen in the summer time or when we hit the beach. But in the winter, the sun sits lower in the sky and at a different angle than in the summer months, and can actually give you more exposure.


Treat Yourselves Gentlemen

More often than not, men tend to forget about skincare. But facials aren’t just for the ladies.