A New Study Says Losing Weight Actually Increases Your Appetite


Posted by on October 28, 2016

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have figured out why you’re more hungry when you’re on a diet – and get this, it isn’t because you’re restricting yourself from eating your favorite foods.

Until now, many people would’ve said that experiencing strong food cravings while on a diet is caused by the fact that you’re completely limiting yourself from eating certain foods – like, telling yourself you can’t have any pizza makes you want to eat only pizza. These people would say that the solution to losing weight is eating the bad foods in moderation to curb your cravings. Makes sense, right? 

However, researchers at the National Institutes of Health conducted a study that found individuals who lost weight (even when eating whatever they wanted) still changed their eating habits and ate more.

The study took a sample of 153 adults and monitored their food intake over 52 weeks. The adults were split into 2 groups; group 1 received a weight-loss drug used to treat type-2 diabetes while group 2 received a placebo drug. 

The study found that the individuals who lost weight ended up eating 100 calories more per day for every 2 pounds they lost. In essence, losing weight actually increased their appetite and the increase wasn’t due to the fact that they were restricting their intake. 

The study kind of explains why it’s so difficult to keep weight off once you’ve lost it. In a way, the human body rejects weight loss but the best way to fight your body on this is to make sure you’re eating and snacking clean. 

Below, we’ve put together the best Instagram pages to inspire you and help you stay on track.


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Although the images look devilishly good, all recipes are raw, vegan and sugar-free.


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