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Don’t Forget About Minerals!

Each morning, you probably wake up and take some sort of vitamin supplement that a medical physician recommended to you. We are constantly getting blood tests and boosting our diet


Silica in the City!

Environmental stress makes maintaining good nutrition especially important, as it helps your body hold on to essential compounds for longer. What’s one mineral that you should definitely be keeping tabs on? Silica.


5 Dietary Tips For Beating The Holiday Bloat

In order to get over the bloated feeling after a big feast, it’s incredibly important to go back to healthy eating soon after the holiday season is over.

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A New Study Says Losing Weight Actually Increases Your Appetite

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have figured out why you’re more hungry when you’re on a diet

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How To Stay Healthy in The Summer Months!

Ah, summer has finally arrived! This means a lot of barbecues, outdoor food festivals, beer gardens and more. While we are all inclined to indulge, there are ways to stay healthy.

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What to Know About Vitamin D, aka “The Sunshine Vitamin”

Another vitamin to worry about?! We know it’s hard to keep track of all the vitamins you need, but making sure you’re absorbing enough Vitamin D is fairly easy. It’s

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Detox Strawberry Lemon Spinach Smoothie

We love our smoothies at Renew. To have a healthy, glowing skin it is of course important to use the right products and develop a skin care routine. Just as important though, is our diet. What we eat and drink is so important to our health and skin. After all, our skin is a direct reflection of our overall health.


Carmel’s Smoothie Pick: Kale & Honey Crisp Apple

Eating fresh and healthy is a big part of our skin care routine, so we love to share our favorite smoothies and recipes with you. Kale contains high levels of chlorophyll that will help brighten your face. Ginger is also a great ingredient especially in the winter, as it warms your body and serves as an anti-inflammatory for your skin.